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For nearly 30 years, Italian family-owned Desalto has created aesthetically sophisticated products focused on greater functionality through constant technological research. They are titled, both time-honored and internationally known.

Their story began in 1990, when the four Orsenigo brothers - the heirs of a family metalworking company - envisioned a brand more in step with the times. From the beginning, Desalto has collaborated with both established contemporary designers and promising up-and-comers designers. Different visions are engaged with the same corporate philosophy which emphasizes the values of harmony, expressive elegance, clean designs, and originality.

Quality is at the essence of Italian craftsmanship, and Desalto embodies it. They have both an in-house and external production chain which is quality controlled at every stage to ensure long-lasting value and beauty. Desalto is also highly attentive and committed to environmentally sustainable practices.

The Desalto collection consists of a wide range of chairs, tables, stools, shelves and accessories with a focus on both the private and contract market.